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Board of Directors
District 1 - Aurora/Sugar Grove/Big Rock
Donna Lehrer
Nan Long
William (Bill) Keck
District 2 – Kaneville/Blackberry/Geneva/Batavia
William (Bill) Collins
Karl Kettelkamp
Joseph (Joe) White, President
District 3 – Virgil/Campton/St. Charles
Chris Collins
Andy Lenkaitis
Dale Pitstick
District 4 – Burlington, Plato, Elgin
Craig Bradley
Beth Gehrke
Michael (Mike) Kenyon, Secretary/Treasurer
District 5
– Hampshire/Rutland/Dundee
Joe Engel
Gerald (Jerry) Gaitsch
Wayne Schneider, Vice President


Board of Directors
Joe White Photo
Joe White
Joe is the current President of the Kane County Farm Bureau and has been a member since 1975. He lives in Kaneville and farms 950 acres of corn, soybeans, wheat and hay. Joe has been farming for 30 years. He farms with his father, with whom he shares equipment. Joe is the Kaneville Classics 4-H club contact leader, Kane County 4-H Foundation Member, Kane County Fair Assistant Superintendent (swine), and St. Galls church member. He and his wife, Bonnie, have four children.
Wayne Schneider
Wayne Schneider
Wayne is the current Vice President of the Kane County Farm Bureau. He has been a member since 1983 and has served on the Board of Directors since 2001. In addition to farming, Wayne is a Farm Consultant for the Max McGraw Wildlife Foundation. He has also served on the Kane County Extension Advisory Board and chaired the Kane Dupage Soil & Water Conservation District Board. Wayne is a 1983 graduate of Illinois State University and lives in West Dundee with his wife Lisa.
Wayne Schneider
Beth Gehrke
Beth and her husband, Bob Gehrke, have been Farm Bureau members since 1976. Currently a resident of Elgin, Beth grew up in Plato Township on a dairy farm. As soon as she was able, she was helping with chores and has been farming ever since. Along with her 2 children, Wayne and Carolyn, the family grows soybeans, corn, and hay. Beth enjoys traveling, camping, hiking, skiing, crocheting, world history, and current events. She also keeps busy by remaining involved in the community. Some of the roles she holds: Plato Township Clerk, DeKalb, Kane, & DuPage FSA Committee, an active member of St. John Lutheran Church, Sycamore, 4-H Superintendant, serves on the Farmland Preservation Committee, and is a Director on the Public Relations board.
Alan Volpp Photo
Craig Bradley
Donna Lehrer Photo
Donna Lehrer
Donna has been a member of the Kane County Farm Bureau since 2002. She is the Chairperson of the Marketing Committee and is on a number of other committees. Donna has a B.A. in Botany from Duke University and a Masters of Environmental Planning from the University of Pennsylvania. She is also a member of the Big Rock Historical Society and is the Illinois Green Pastures Fiber Co-op manager. Donna and her family live in Big Rock and farm 8 acres of organic vegetables, hay, oats and also produce wool from their flock of sheep. She enjoys spinning and agricultural history. Donna and her husband, Scott, have two children.

Mike Kenyon Photo

Mike Kenyon
Mike is the current Secretary/Treasurer of the Kane County Farm Bureau and has been a member since 1971. Mike operates a dairy farm and farms 1600 acres of corn, soybeans, and hay. He has been farming for 45+ years. Mike earned a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture from the University of Illinois and is a U.S. Army veteran. He is a director at First Community Bank; Conserv FS; Chairman Elgin Township Republican Party; and District I Director Illinois Farm Bureau. He enjoys riding his Harley Davidson motorcycle and going to the health club. Mike and his wife, Carol, have three children.

Geradl Gaitsch Photo
Gerald Gaitsch
Jerry has been a member of the Kane County Farm Bureau since 1994. Jerry lives in Huntley and farms 450 acres row crops and 180 acres of vegetables. He has been farming for over 20 years. He farms with his brother and receives help from his parents during busy times. Jerry is also active on the Boy Scouts (Troop 267) Committee Board. He holds an Associates Degree from Harper College. Jerry and his wife, Cindy, have three children.
Joe Engel

Mike Kenyon Photo

Dale Pitstick

William Keck
William Keck
Karl Kettelkamp
Bill Collins
Wiliam Collins
Andy Lenkaitis

Andy Lenkaitis
Andy has been a member of the Kane County Farm Bureau since 2002. He lives in St. Charles next to the dairy farm his parents purchased in 1983. Andy, along with his wife and parents, own and operate the dairy farm where they milk 65 cows with two robotic milkers. Off the farm, Andy works for GEA Farm Technologies as a Herd Management Systems Engineer helping dairy farmers that have added automated milking technology to their operation. Andy graduated from the University of Illinois with dual Bachelor's Degrees in Agriculture and Biological Engineering and Agricultural Sciences and holds a Master's Degree in Agriculture and Biological Engineering. Andy and his wife, Sarah, have one son.

Chris Collins
Chris Collins
Nan Long
Nan Long


Steven Arnold
Steven Arnold

Audrie Pack
Audre Pack
Admin / Accounting

Suzi Myers
Suzi Myers
Ag Literacy Coordinator

Liz Polovin
Liz Polovin
Member Svcs.Coordinator
Marty Keltner
Marty Keltner
Communications Coordinator



Past Presidents
1913 Judson P. Mason
1915 William F. Graham
1916 C.S. Lovell
1918 J.F. Reid
1919 E.E. Hughes
1920 Henry McGough
1921 Dan G. Davies
1922 Henry R. Lees
1923 Ira R. Judd
1924 W.C. McQueen
1925 E.L. Hoyt
1926 Frank Widmayer
1927 Glen Warne
1928 W.A. Beith
1929 Conrad Lind
1930 Fred Wilson
1931 Clarence Tanner
1932 Alex Fitchie

1933 Charles Keslinger
1934 W.C. Davis
1935 Henry W. Lees
1936 James E. Foley
1937 Marcus W. Damisch
1938 Arthur Fisher
1939 Earl Hardy
1940 Robert Getzelman
1941 George Dauberman
1942-1943 J.N. Russell
1944-1945 Lorin Davis
1946 Edgar Allen
1947 Dexter Norton
1948 Arthur Lind
1949-1952 Wayne Wirsing
1953-1954 Arthur Peterson
1955-1956 John Gunderson
1956-1961 A.N. Healy
1961-1965 Gerhard Tamms
1965-1968 Jack Young
1968-1973 John White
1973-1975 John Nepermann
1975-1979 Eldon Gould
1980-1981 James Collins
1981-1984 Ray Grommes
1984-1987 James O’Connell
1988-1990 Clyde Hagemann
1990-1993 Gerard Fabrizius
1993-1996 Daniel Heinrich
1996-2002 Michael Kenyon
2002-2004 Steve Pitstick
2004-2010 Robert Gehrke
2010-Present Joe White

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