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Teachers - FREE AG MAGS are available - Click here to find out how!
The Illinois Agriculture in the Classroom Ag Mags are four-page, colorful agricultural magazines for students.  They contain information about agriculture, bright pictures, classroom activities and agricultural careers related to the subject matter. 

You can pick up Ag Mags at the Kane County Farm Bureau - 2N710 Randall Rd in St. Charles.
Available subjects arePumpkin, Apple, Corn, Soybean, Horse, Tree, Dairy, Horticulture and Specialty Crop 

Want to have more non-fiction resources for your students? 
The new 4th grade ISAT prep lessons to go along with the Ag Mags.  In just 10 minutes a day, you can do some vocabulary and math prep while having students learn about science and social studies concepts through the Ag Mags.   These ISAT lessons are perfect for guided reading groups, stations, or whole class discussions. 

Click here to download the ISAT prep lessons.

For more information, contact aitc@kanecfb.com



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